SmartCat Wide Mouth Easy Sifting Metal Cat Litter Scoop


Who doesn’t love a clean litter box? Cats make wonderful pets but their litter boxes can be a pretty big turn-off.

A poorly maintained litter box tempts your cat to find other places to relieve themselves. You can now breathe a sigh of relief (literally) with this wide-mouthed, lightweight, durable & efficient litter scoop! It's strong and tough, wdeep shovel gets inside your little kitty’s litter box easily.

With generous depth and a wide scoop mouth, you can take up greater quantities of litter at a time so that finishing the daunting task is quick and convenient. Ideal for dumping both clump and non-clump litter, the blades have gaps designed to lift out only the waste, and leave clean litter pieces inside the box.

✔ KEEPS CATS HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER --- Frequently clearing your cat’s litter box keeps both you and your pet happier and less stressed. When their litter box is full of excreta, cats become anxious and unsure of where to relieve themselves causing unnecessary accidents. The easy to use SunGrow Aluminum Alloy Litter Scoop is a great way to quickly and efficiently pick up the poop.

✔ WIDE MOUTH AND NARROW SLOTS --- The generous depth and the 5” wide mouth of the scooper make it quick and easy to pick up small and large pieces while the narrow slots allow clean litter to slide back through. The combination is ideal for both corn-based and clay-based litter.

✔ COMFORTABLE AND ERGONOMIC GRIP --- Unlike heavy metal scoopers, the SunGrow Aluminum Alloy Cat Litter Sifter is surprisingly lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomic. The rubber coated molding around the 1.6” handle alleviates any strain on your wrist and minimizes hand fatigue.

✔ USEFUL OUTSIDE THE LITTER BOX --- Even if you don’t have a pet cat or litter box, you still may have a use for the practical metal scooper! With its flat edged steel blade, it works great as a garden trowel or hand-held hoe for planting flowers in the garden.

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