Vets All Natural Complete Mix Sensitive Skin - 5kg

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Vets All Natural Complete Mix Sensitive Skin Raw Dog Food Contains Raw Ingredients To Simulate Your Canines Ancestral Diet

  • This special formula is designed for adult dogs over 2 years old with sensitive skin 

  • The 100% natural mix can be combined with meat to create a complete and balanced diet

Unique Recipe The Way Nature Intended

  • This formula has been subject to years of trials, research, and investigation to provide your canine with the very best nutrition

  • In the wild, canines eat vegetable matter from the gut of their prey, and it is an essential part of their diet

  • This recipe draws on that idea and combines air-dried cereal grains, mixed vegetables, garlic, yeast, kelp, lecithin, calcium, and vitamin C

  • The ‘muesli’ mix represents the vegetable matter portion of your pet’s diet and it is designed to be combined with raw meat to create a completely balanced, raw food diet

Specially Designed For Dogs With Sensitive Skin

  • The allergy blend contains a range of essential fatty acids, Chinese and western herbs (Astragalus, Perilla Seed, Reiki, and Shitake mushroom), and strong nutraceuticals to support gut health, and immune health

  • These selected ingredients have shown positive results in treating and controlling allergic skin disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and can reduce the severity of auto-immune diseases

  • The additional herbs and supplements naturally target the cause of skin problems

  • The high levels of Omega 3 promote healthy skin and a shiny coat

  • Anti-oxidants support the immune system and the multi-strain probiotics assist in healthy digestion

Raw Ingredients

  • Contains a combination of mixed cereals (rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal and whole oats), dried vegetables and fruit, dried garlic, dried parsley, dried barley grass, calcium powder, yeast powder, kelp granules, lecithin granules and vitamin C powder

Precisely Formulated

  • The grain mix was developed by a leading veterinarian and is modeled on the way dogs would naturally eat grain in the wild

  • The grains are crushed/cracked, and the vegetable matter is finely chopped or powdered

  • The mix is soaked (fermented) just like in the gut of a wild dog’s prey

  • The carbohydrate in the grain is readily digested and the nutritional value of the whole grains is preserved

  • The grain to meat ratio has been precisely calculated to meet the energy and growth requirements of your pet and its natural dietary intakes

  • Designed to match the normal carbohydrate intake of a wild dog and presented in a state that your dog can easily digest

Essential Vitamin and Minerals

  • Contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese, selenium, zinc, and chloride

  • Vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B vitamin complex


  • Contains iron for energy, stamina, and reproductive ability

  • Yeast is high in both iron and phosphorus to allow blood to carry oxygen around the body

Digestive Health

  • High in fibre to support healthy digestion

  • Contains garlic which helps to stimulate digestion and intestinal absorption

  • Garlic also contains antibacterial properties to reduce flatulence

  • Shown to form solid stools for easy poo pick-up

Joint Health

  • The recipe contains shark cartilage which is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, shown to support cartilage and joints

  • The raw ingredients feature anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce joint inflammation and soreness

  • Joint health is especially important for active, senior, and large breed dogs

Bone Health

  • Contains parsley and barley grass which are rich in calcium to help strengthen the bones

  • Parsley and barley are also shown to improve nutrient absorption

Thyroid Health

  • Contains kelp which is a rich source of iodine for normal thyroid gland function

Brain Health

  • Contains lecithin, which is rich in choline - shown to maintain normal brain function   

Immune Health

  • Powerful antioxidants assist in fighting bacteria

  • Essential vitamins and minerals help the body to withstand stress

Kidney and Liver Health

  • Lecithin is shown to help cleanse the kidneys and liver by metabolising and breaking down cholesterol and fats

Healthy Weight

  • Low in fat to promote an ideal body composition

  • The low-fat vegetarian recipe is also great for dogs allergic to specific meats

High Palatability

  • Vibrant flavour and aroma to encourage eating

Easy Preparation

  • For best results, soak the mix in room temperature water for 12 - 24 hours

  • For immediate use, soak and stir in hot water for a minimum of 30 seconds

  • By soaking the mix, the palatability, digestibility nutritional value, and bioavailability is improved

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