Natural Animal Solutions Traveleze -15mls


Alleviate your pet’s motion sickness during car trips or plane rides with the Natural Animal Solutions TravelEze!


Made from a blend of calming, all-natural ingredients, this safe and effective solution for travel sickness keeps your pet calm and relaxed during all types of journeys, from car trips to the vet to overseas plane travel. One in four pets get motion sickness, and having the TravelEze in your emergency petcare toolbox will make every trip comfortable for everyone.

Made with a non-drowsy, chemical-free formula, you can keep your pet awake during important trips (e.g., vet visits) and help relieve their stress while traveling. This special formula was created by professional Australia naturopaths exclusively for Natural Animal Solutions. It’s designed to calm upset stomachs and ensure that your dog, cat or other animal companion doesn’t vomit or poop. With the easy-to-use bottle, you can administer the solution mess-free even during your trips.

Open a space in your petcare toolbox for the TravelEze and never leave home without this handy, fast-acting aid for pet motion sickness! 


  • Effective motion sickness treatment for pets
  • Made in Australia with natural, high-quality ingredients for a gentle solution
  • Non-drowsy, alcohol-free formula and quick results
  • Calms pet’s upset stomach and gives them more comfort during car rides
  • Great to use for vet visits, long car journeys, and plane/boat travel
  • Easy-to-use drop bottle for effortless, no-mess administration
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, and small pets

    Sizes Available:



    Dosage/How to Use:

    Administer orally or add to small sample of food. Give recommended dosage to pet 30 minutes before travel, right before you leave, and every hour during travel if necessary. Do not feed meals with TravelEze 1-2 hours before travel.

    For Cats: 2-3 drops (Dilute in water if cat is sensitive to medication.)

    For Dogs:

    10kg: 1-2mL

    20 – 30kg: 2-3mL

    30 – 40kg: 4-5mL

    50kg+: 5-6mL

    Note: For best results in extreme cases, therapeutic dosage can be administered in a 2-step dosage plan. For example, prior to car travel, administer therapeutic dosage 30 minutes, then provide another dosage just as you are leaving. For long journeys, administer dosage every 1-2 hours or whenever necessary.

    Warning: TravelEze is should not be used for travel sickness of the middle ear fluid imbalance.

    Make every car ride or plane travel more comfortable for your furry friend with the TravelEze!

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