Oh Bowl Slow Food Tongue Cleaning Dog Food Bowl - Green - Large

Give your dog a multi-functional food bowl that does more than contain their food: the OH Bowl!

Help keep your dog's breath fresh and their gums and teeth health with the innovative OHBowl! Specially designed with comfortable, raised rubber tips inside the bowl, the OHBowl helps clean your dog's tongue as they lick around the bowl after they finish their meals, which ultimately reduces bad breath and even disease-causing bacteria and improves overall oral and dental health. The more licking your dog does, the more saliva production there will be and the healthier their gums and teeth will be!

When you give your pet treats, you can place them inside the OHBowl to encourage them to use the bowl and clean their tongue. Use treat pastes, yoghurt, soft meat or even homemade dog-friendly bone broth instead for a fun snack in between their regular meals! This tongue-cleaning dog bowl is made with high-quality, food-grade PP and TPR rubber material with no adhesives or glues used.


  • The world's first oral health dog food bowl developed and approved by veterinarians
  • Designed to help clean your dog's tongue and teeth to promote better oral health
  • Features raised, tapered rubber tips inside the bowl to gently clean your pet's tongue
  • Stimulating the tongue increases saliva production and helps with gum and teeth health
  • Aids in eliminating bad breath and reducing disease-causing bacteria
  • Can be used as a treat bowl to encourage your dog to clean their tongue
  • Holds up to 2 cups of wet or dry dog food - perfect for small to medium dogs
  • Made from premium, food-grade PP and TPR rubber material - no adhesives or glues
  • Dishwasher safe for quick and convenient cleaning

Colour: Orange (other colours available)

Material: Non-Toxic, Food-Grade PP and TPR Rubber

Small - 
Diameter 16cm opening x 20cm base
Suitable for small dogs up to 1 cups/ 250ml serve of dry or wet food

Medium - Diameter 18cm opening x 21.5cm base
Suitable for small to medium dogs up to 2 cups/ 1/2 litre serve of dry or wet food

Large - Diameter 23cm opening x 27cm base
Holds 4 cups of dry food or 1 Litre of wet food

Make feeding time better for your furry friend's health with the OHBowl Dog Bowl!

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