Zippy Paws Happy Hour Crusherz Dog Toy - Wine 3-pack


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Get your dog ready for a pawsome pawty of crunchy, squeaky fun with the Happy Hour Crusherz Wine Edition!

This 3-pack squeaky and crunchy dog toy set features three different wine bottles (Merlot, Rosé, and Champagne) that are disguises for empty water bottles tucked inside each cover. Dogs love chomping and chewing empty water bottles, and the Happy Hour Crusherz provides a safer and more innovative way to indulge your pet’s chewing habits.

Each wine contains an empty water bottle and a squeaky cap for crunchy and squeaky fun all day long! You can replace the empty water bottle inside anytime for never-ending entertainment. You can also reuse the squeaky cap on standard-sized water bottles. A free empty water bottle comes with this 3-pack Wine Happy Hour Crusherz toy set.

Keep your dog’s mind sharp and occupied for hours on end with these fun water bottle dog toys. Your dog will try to figure out how to extract the water bottle, and the various textures will make your pet want more of the crunchy and squeaky sounds! These water bottle toys are also stuffing-free for zero mess.


  • 3-pack toy set featuring wine bottle covers with empty plastic water bottles inside for crunchy chewing fun for your dog!
  • Features a squeaky water bottle cap to enhance your pet’s entertainment
  • Replaceable empty bottle for never-ending crunch and playtime
  • Mentally challenges your pet (because they’ll try to get the water bottle out!) and keeps them occupied for hours – great for independent, home-alone playtime
  • Comes with a FREE empty water bottle!
  • Stuffing-free for zero mess
  • Great dog toy set for multi-pet homes

Quantity: 3 Wine Happy Hour Crusherz

Set Includes: Merlot, Rosé, and Champagne

 Size/Dimensions: Approximately 24.1cm x 27.9cm x 7.6cm

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