Feliway Calming Pheromone for Cats - Diffuser Kit with 48ml Bottle


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Let’s face it, change can be stressful, and cats don’t really like change. When a cat's anxious, it can lead to urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite, reduced desire to play or interact.

Feliway helps control and avoid Feline anxiety caused by:

  • Moving house
  • Introducing new pets or family members to the home
  • Surgery and visits to the vet
  • New neighbourhood pets or children
  • General anxiety
  • Multi-pet households

Advantages of Pheromone Use on Cat Behaviour

  •  It's easy  - plug the diffuser in and turn on the power point. Ten seconds of work for one month of therapy;
  •  No side effects - it's safe for YOU and YOUR PETS;
  •  Scientifically proven to be effective for behaviours relating to anxiety, fears, and establishing pets into new territories.

Kit includes:

  •  Ceva Diffuser
  •  One Feliway refill 48ml

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