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Do you have an elderly or injured pet that loves being outdoors, but have difficulty walking or running? Maybe you want to switch it up once in a while and not have to walk your dog. Or perhaps it’s too hot for your pets to stay in the heat for long and you want to give them some shade and comfort while outdoors.

With the Ibiyaya Elegant Retro I Collapsible Pet Stroller, you can continue to enjoy the outdoors with your animal companions to accommodate your lifestyle and your pets’ needs. Roomy and comfortable, this collapsible pet stroller can hold multiple small pets or a single pet up to 35kgs, giving you a convenient way to travel with your furbabies without having to deal with tangled pet leads.

The large cabin also makes a great resting spot for injured, recovering, sick, disabled or elderly pets. Two attached leads are inside the cabin to keep your pets from hopping out of the stroller.

A First-Class Cabin with a Cooling Canopy & Double-Sided Openings

Designed with a spacious compartment and a top canopy made with mesh material for extra ventilation, this pet buggy provides plenty of visibility and airflow for your pets. The canopy also gives much-needed shade on those scorching hot and bright sunny days while protecting your pets from pests like bugs and other unwanted small animals that may climb into the stroller.

The canopy folds down to open up the stroller for your pet to get more air and views. You can open the canopy from the back or front to let your pet enter from either end. The Velcro closures prevent the flaps secure. If your pet requires assistance to get inside the cabin, you can use pet stairs to lift them up into the stroller.

Durable Construction, 360° Wheel Rotation, and Safety Brakes

The lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame makes it easy to carry the buggy as well as collapse and fold it for storage. It’s not a heavy stroller, so you don’t have to exert too much energy to simply push your pets around. Due to its tough and durable design, it’s a long-lasting pet stroller that can be used for many years (and pets) to come.

With the 360° front wheel rotation (with suspension), this pet stroller is effortless to maneuver and has smooth, flexible movement to accommodate various terrains and turns.

The durable EVA-made wheels are also lightweight and features smaller front wheels and larger back wheels to distribute support and weight for a better strolling experience. For added safety, lock brakes and emergency brakes are integrated on the stroller to keep the stroller in place when you’re taking a break. Even if your pets move around inside, the stroller will continue to stay stagnant and secure in one place.

Lastly, Amenities for the Pet Parents

Although this Ibiyaya Elegant Retro I Pet Stroller is specifically designed for your animal companions, it’s also equipped with a variety of goodies that pet owners will love. The extra large storage basket underneath the cabin keeps all your essentials, from pet food to purses, safely tucked away and out of view so that you don’t have to carry too many items when you’re using the stroller.

Some strollers tend to have a set size for the handlebar, which can be uncomfortable to use for pet parents of varying heights. With this innovative pet buggy, though, a built-in adjustable handlebar ensures that the height is ideal for you so that you’re not reaching too high or slouching too low to push your pets around. All you need to do is pull the handlebar up or push it down to adjust the height to your liking.

The detachable cup holder attaches to the side of the stroller frame for an easy-to-grab drink holder for your convenience. If you don’t want to use it, simply remove it and place it in the storage bin for another time; you can also use it to hold a cup of pet treats to give your pet from time to time.

A removable, washable lining pad is included inside the cabin for a cosy and plush napping spot for your furry friend. If you’re bringing a stroller with you to let your pets rest inside after their afternoon outdoor fun, but their paws are dirty from dirt, grass, mud, etc., you can easily clean this removable pet mat for reuse.

Completely collapsible for easy storage, this multi-pet stroller features a quick-release folding mechanism so that the stroller gets in its compact form immediately – you never have to remove parts or endure a complicated folding routine! Once folded flat, the stroller can be stored in the garage/closet or packed in the back seat or car trunk.

Transform your travel experience with your pets with the Ibiyaya Elegant Retro I Collapsible Pet Stroller.


  • Great accessibility – Double sided opening design
  • Spacious cabin for multiple small pets
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • Ultra light aluminum frames
  • Easy-fold mechanism
  • Two Safety leashes included
  • Front Mesh Canopy
  • Ultra light weight EVA wheels
  • Large storage compartment under the stroller cabin
  • Detachable cup holder
  • Removable inner pad

Maintenance & Care Instruction: Spot cleaning , hand wash. Cold. Do not expose to sun directly. Dry flat in shade.

Recommended Weight Limit: 35kg

Carriage Dimensions: L62 W32 H60 (cm)

Stroller Dimensions: L95 W59 H96~104 (cm)

Folded Dimensions: L95 W59 H32 (cm)

Accessories:  Safety tethers x 2 / Stroller cup holder / Removable pad

 Colour: Navy and Light Blue

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