Buster Canvas Activity Snuffle Mat Starter Kit

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Everyone needs mental challenges - including your dog!

The basic BUSTER ActivityMat has 35 press-studs placed 35 cm apart. You can attach different tasks to the mat, most of them with varying levels of difficulty depending on whether you fold the tasks or leave them open.

The mat fits one or more tasks at the same time. The design allows for a number of combinations so your dog will never be bored with the ActivityMat.

BUSTER ActivityMat is sold as a starter kit with a mat, a practical carrier bag and 3 activities: 1 water lilly, 1 envelope and 1 cone cloth. 

Good to know:
  • Dogs are different. Some dogs choose to use their paws a lot, others use their snout. Accept the way your dog chooses to solve the tasks.
  • It is important that the dog is experiencing success when working with the ActivityMat. Give the dog the help it needs, without taking the initiative from it.
  • If the dog does not know what to do, it is a good idea to give it a treat just for touching the ActivityMat or the task.
  • If the dog is too eager, it might be a good idea to let it eat first. However, if it is less interested, it might be an advantage that it is hungry when it is presented to the ActivityMat - choose what feels right for your dog.
  • Remember that the process is most important and not how fast the dogs solves the tasks.
  • The dog must not be left unattended with the ActivityMat. 
Useful tips:
  • Use a start command when the dog is about to work with the ActivityMat.
  • Let, at first, the dog see that you put treats in the activities.
  • Avoid over-stimulation, work max. 15 minutes at a time, but preferably several times a day.
  • Always finish the work with the activity mat while the dog is successful.
Tasks for ActivityMat: (available for purchase separately)

Tasks Level* 1: Easy; 2: Medium; 3: Advanced
  1. Envelope 2
  2. Water Lilly 1
  3. Cone Cloth 1
  4. Top Hat 3
  5. Spring Roll 1
  6. Purse w/1 pocket 1
  7. Purse w/3 pocket 2
  8. Rat Trap 2
  9. Rock'n Roll 3
  10. Mouse Trap 3
  11. Book 2
  12. Rainbow Purse 2 

*The level indications are for guidance only; the degree of difficulty varies according to whether or not the dog is used to work with solution-focused tasks.

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