Zippy Paws SmartyPaws Puzzler Feeder Interactive Dog Toy - Wagging Wheel

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Challenge your dog to an exciting game that involves their favourite thing: food! Make the SmartyPaws Wagging Wheel Puzzler Feeder Bowl a staple in your pet’s routine.

This interactive dog puzzle features 2 rings where you can place treats or dry dog food inside and conceal them with the sliding panels for a challenging and mentally stimulating game. Each panel has a textured surface, which can help stimulate your dog’s tongue for a relaxing effect as they chow down and find their treats! The SmartyPaws Wagging Wheel Puzzler Feeder Bowl also doubles as a slow-feeding bowl for dogs and is designed to help prevent your dog from gulping down their food too fast, choking, bloating, belching, and even vomiting. Slow-feeding can help you improve your dog’s eating habits and manage their weight by offering better portions and encouraging slow feeding. This dog puzzle toy can hold up to 3 cups of dog food and has a non-slip base to keep the Wagging Wheel in place.


  • Interactive treat-dispensing puzzle game and slow-feeding bowl for dogs
  • Features 2 rings to place dog food or treats inside and sliding panels to hide food
  • Textured surface on sliding panels that can help soothe your pet as they lick the panels
  • Assists your dog with slow-feeding and improving their eating habits to prevent choking, bloating, gulping, belching, and vomiting
  • Slow-feeding food bowl for dogs that can help with weight management and portion control
  • Non-slip base to keep the bowl in place while your pet eats
  • Holds up to 3 cups of dry dog food or treats
  • Ideal for all dogs to enjoy!

Size: Approx. 29cm x 29cm x 6cm

Keep your dog entertained and enhance their eating experience with the SmartyPaws Wagging Wheel Puzzler Feeder Bowl!

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